Eric Carr – July 2015


Ken Cheney – August 2014 , talks about his amazing moonlight experience


George Tavares – July 2014 age 95, talks about his moonlight experience


Margaret Kellyhouse – July 2014 Marge talks about her amazing moonlight experience.


Margaret Stone

Margaret had attended a moonlight event three times. The first and third times were “double treatments”. The second visit was on a cloudy night. “I felt warm after going into the moonlight and felt revved afterwards”. She began to notice that her thyroid medication dosage was too high as evidenced by a jittery and nervous feeling. She gradually cut her thyroid medication in half and sustained that lower dosage for approximately two months.


Deb Coffman- Davis

Deb was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer which spread to her lungs and lymph nodes. However, despite chemotherapy, CT scans revealed that her cancer had grown in August 2006 and showed continued growth in February 2007. After exposure to the magnified moonlight for two consecutive days for 12 minutes each time, DCD “slept a lot” for the next couple days which she stated was very unusual for her since the chemotherapy had made it difficult for her to sleep. She felt very positive after the experience and went back two months later. During this time, she also had a one-time visit to a professional healer. The latest CT scan, 7-8 weeks ago showed that her cancer had slowed down. DCD states she is feeling much better, and is now able to do more than she has in the past 6 months.


Steve Klunk 

“After the first experience, I felt an increase in my energy level. I noticed an increase in my metabolism.” He has decreased his Armor thyroid dosage from 270 mcg/day to 180 mcg/day (from 90 mcg three times daily to 90 mcg two times daily). The change in medication has held for 3 months. He will be following up with PCP in a couple of months.


John Clifford

“I’ve noticed a marked improvement in a year old surgical scar- I noticed a change immediately after the experience- I have a detailed log of impressions I captured a few days after the experience.”


John Hall

“I have received short term results from the light and they are; more energy, carpal tunnel was gone, much improved memory. I am hoping for a longer time in the light and much more focus. I would really like to be blasted with it, or with much more concentrated.” The relief of carpal tunnel lasted 3 weeks. He has been unable to attend a moonlight event for a “recharge”. The ache in his knees resolved and that continues to hold.


Gloria Castillo

“People tell me I look much healthier and I also have more energy and am happier than I’ve been in some time. I feel there is hope with my medical problems.”


Pamela Traficanti

Pamela has had warts on both palms and one finger of each hand for over a year and has not been able to get rid of them. Three weeks after being exposed to the magnified moonlight she noticed that the warts were gone.


 Shanon Easterday

“I have been doing multiple things to heal my joint problems (doctor has suspected I have Fibromyalgia for many years); since late April I take fish oil at least 5x a week, and glucosomine Chondroiton 2-3 times a week. My second time in the moonlight had the following effect: the next morning 5/29 I woke up and all but one red joint on the fingers had cleared. It is unusual for me to not have red spots- I usually have noticeable arthritic inflammation (on the first digit closest to the fingertips). On June 3, 4 and 5th I exercised quite heavily which should have resulted in considerable pain. On Wed, June 6th (ten days after the moonlight) I woke up free of pain- the FIRST time I have had nearly ZERO joint/tendon pain in about 4 years. There was none in my feet (plantar fasciitis), and it was all but gone in my hips, elbows, and hands. Doctor found it amazing so I am having testing done; they are looking to see if I have been suffering from food allergies (that may aggravate my GI tract- as what happens with celiac disease).  If that turns up nothing, then I believe the moonlight has been a contributing force in me feeling so much better. Have it be known I am very science based having taught at the UA for 12 years (in the College of Agriculture). While I place credit on the power of believing for healing, I am generally research based in my conclusions. I look forward to coming again and watching for any more changes in my body.


 Dorothea Nobile

“I felt a feeling of wellbeing and left wanting more. I had a slight lifting of my depression. The feeling of physical wellbeing and lifting of my depression lasted two weeks.”


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