InTune Crystal Patch™

Hand-crafted in Arizona by Monica and Richard Chapin, the couple behind the Moonlight Collector™, InTune Crystal Patches™ deliver the unique energy properties of concentrated moonlight and bring an ancient healing modality into the modern world. Our crystal patch is the product of patented technology with over ten years of research and development.

Through the Moonlight Collector™, an instrument that amplifies the properties of moonlight by 70 times intensity, quartz crystals are infused with concentrated moonlight. Moonlight infused quartz crystals have been tested by a leading expert at a top university geology lab. It was found the moonlight infused quartz crystals underwent a profound change. The molecular structure and frequency became pure, and in tune with the human body and mind.

Moonlight + crystal therapy is known to ease symptoms of inflammation and poor circulation as well as help relieve minor aches, pain and stress. With our flexible patch, you can now get InTune at home and on the go!



What if you could blend the energy of crystals with the ancient healing of moonlight?

Intune Crystal Patch

InTune moonlight infused crystal patch helps to:

  • Ease symptoms of inflammation and poor circulation
  • Relieve minor aches and pain
  • Energize and promote general well-being
  • Relieve stress
  • Rebalance circadian rhythm

How to Apply Patch:

  1. Peel open one side of the hypoallergenic adhesive strip located under the large silver moon sticker. Then peel open other side of adhesive. Your 3″X3″ crystal patch is pre-adhered to center of strip. Discard silver sticker.
  2. Place crystal patch on or near desired area of need. Can be left on up to 8 hours at a time. Keep dry.

Note: Up to 30 mins may be needed before crystal patch energy becomes fully in tune with your body.

Intune Crystal Patch

InTune Crystal Patch™ Contents:

  • Enclosed in Reusable Tin
  • One 3″ x 3″ Reusable Crystal Patch with Adhesive
  • Three Additional 3″ x 7″ Adhesives for Application

How to Reapply Patch:

  1. Wait up to a minimum of 3 hours between uses.
  2. Gently pull up on the corner of your reusable hypoallergenic crystal patch and remove from used adhesive strip.
  3. Prepare one of the complimentary new adhesive strips by peeling away the protective covering beginning under the smaller silver moon sticker. Then, discard sticker.
  4. Adhere crystal patch to center of new adhesive and re apply to body, following previous directions.

Note: Other medically approved adhesives and bandages can be used with the InTune Crystal Patch™ or check our website to purchase more of our strips.
Depending on natural oils and other contaminates the crystal patch will last approximately 30 days


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